Air Quality Index - UV-Index El Cajon-Redwood Avenue, San Diego, California

Air Quality Index
Air Quality
Good Considered Satisfactory
El Cajon-Redwood Avenue, San Diego, California

No Caution Required

The sun may be low on the horizon,obscured or below the horizon due to darkness hours.

0-50 = Good Air quality is considered satisfactory
50-100 = Moderate Air quality is acceptable
100-150 = Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups
150-200 = Unhealthy Everyone may begin to
experience health effects

200-300 = Very Unhealthy Health warnings of
emergency conditions.

300+ = Hazardous Health alert !
0-3 = Safe.
3-5 = Caution Required.
6-8 = Fair Skin types Protect yourself.
8-10 = Fair to Dark Skin Risk high sun burn risk.
10+ = High Risk All Skin types very dangerous.
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